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Data science

Data scientists use data to determine which questions teams should be asking and help teams answer those questions by creating algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes. The insights that data scientists uncover are used in business decisions to help drive profitability or innovation.

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Skills you will get

As you embark on your career as a data scientist, these are skills you’ll definitely need to master.

  • Programming

    Programming languages, such as Python or R, are necessary for data scientists to sort, analyze, and manage large amounts of data (commonly referred to as “big data”).

  • Statistics and probability

    In order to write high-quality machine learning models and algorithms, data scientists need to learn statistics and probability.

  • Data wrangling and database management

    Data wrangling is the process of cleaning and organizing complex data sets to make them easier to access and analyze.

  • Supervised learning

    As a data scientist, you’ll want to immerse yourself in machine learning and deep learning.Linear regression.

  • Data visualization

    Not only do you need to know how to analyze, organize, and categorize data, but you’ll also want to build your skills in data visualization.

  • NLP

    Natural language processing, or NLP, combines computational linguistics—rule-based modeling of human language—with statistical and machine learning models to enable computers and digital devices to recognize, understand and generate text and speech.

  • Time series

    Time series analysis is a specific way of analyzing a sequence of data points collected over an interval of time. In time series analysis, analysts record data points at consistent intervals over a set period of time rather than just recording the data points intermittently or randomly.

  • Big data Analytics

    Big data analytics describes the process of uncovering trends, patterns, and correlations in large amounts of raw data to help make data-informed decisions.

Course program:

All course - 2-4 Months ( 30+ hours)

Data science combines math and statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning with specific subject matter expertise to uncover actionable insights hidden in an organization’s data. These insights can be used to guide decision making and strategic planning. The accelerating volume of data sources, and subsequently data, has made data science is one of the fastest growing field across every industry.

  • 1st Month

    15+ hours

    Training and development

    You will trained on Introduction to Python, Python for Data Analysis, SQL for Data Science, Statistics and Probability, Data Manipulation and Feature Engineering, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Time Series Analysis.

    15 Video Lectures, 3 Projects, 3 Tasks

    Skills You Get: Python, Data Analysis, SQL, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning.

  • 2nd Month

    15+ hours

    Training and Development

    You will be trained on Machine Learning Pipelines and Model Deployment, Advanced Topics in Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Computer Vision, Recommender Systems, Anomaly Detection and Fraud Detection, Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Advanced, Time Series Forecasting - Advanced, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Data Science in the Cloud.

    10 Video Lectures,2 Projects, 2 Tasks

    Skills You Get: Big Data, Deep Learning, NLP, Time Series, Deep Reinforcement.

    Personal Training

    You will trained on interview, linkedin building, resume building & softskills sessions

    5 Video Lectures, 1 Training Methodics, 1 Tasks

    Skills You Get:Personal building

  • 3rd Month

    5 hours

    Minor Project

    You will assigned to industry level minior project where it will covered in above 1st months modules.

    1 Support Lecture

    Skills You Get: Python, Data Analysis, SQL, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning.

    Major Project

    You will be assigned to a major industry level projects to work on which will be tought to you in above two months program.

    1 Support lecture

    Skills You Get: Big Data, Deep Learning, NLP, Time Series, Deep Reinforcement.

  • OutComes:

    After the final task and according to the results

    Skill Development, Industry Certified Certificate, Job offers from our partnered Companies


What early learners say about this course

“Thanks to the SmartED data science course and outstanding assistance, I could ace the EY interview and secure a job with a 100% pay hike. My understanding of the course was greatly improved by the real-time projects and respective project experience certification.”
media GMK Sneha Sai
“Well, before joining the course at SmartED I didn't know anything about Data Analysis/Scientist. Once the course got over I got good amount of knowledge about Machine learning, Data Science, Sql. I got hands on experience on building projects.”
media Ramesh Lohith
“The course not only provided me with a solid foundation in data analytics but also equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this field. The teaching staff is very experienced and gave industry-based case studies for a good understanding of real-world data problems. The curriculum was comprehensive and well-structured. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to develop a solid foundation in data analytics.”
media Praveen Kalyan
“I had a great learning experience at Learnbay. The faculties here are top notch. Right from enrollment to getting a good job, they keep putting enormous efforts for each and every candidate. Thanks to all the trainers, backend team, the HR team and to the directors for making this journey smooth.”
media Ramya Sai
“Hi this is sandeep iam btech passed out from ECE department, i got trained from SmartED in full stack web development and got placed at future9 technologies.”
media Sandeep

Course teachers

  • media
    Lokesh Reddy
    Developer and Lead Instructor
  • media
    Web-developer, UX Architect
  • media
    Eswar sai
    Cloud Architect
  • media
    Rochishna eli
    Product-Project Management


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